Venison Burgers: Proper Patty Production

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick gets into the weeds of making a perfect burger. Well, burger patties that is. He provides detailed insights into the process of preparing and grilling a burger, emphasizing the importance of proper patty formation and cooking techniques. Nick also lays out his bow and arrow setup for Michigan TAC, and is excited to share about his shoulder mount of the buck he got last fall. All this and more on this episode of Huntavore. Prop r patty formation is crucial for a successful burger. The incorporation of fat, the use of a dimple in the middle, and allowing the patty to rest in the fridge are key steps. High heat searing and strategic flipping are essential for achieving the perfect burger texture and flavor Nick's passion for deer hunting and the upcoming deer camp trip highlight his love for the
outdoors and the camaraderie of hunting with friends. The conversation provides valuable insights for burger enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike, offering practical tips and personal experiences. Nick's detailed explanation of burger preparation and grilling techniques demonstrates his expertise and passion for the art of making a great burger.

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