How to Handle and Prepare Your Venison

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The holiday season means parties, get togethers, and lots of time with family, friends and good food. There’s no better time to share your bounty from this fall with those close to you. For many, wild game does not make up a normal part of their diet. So how can we prepare our game in such a way that we can confidently share it with those who don’t usually eat wild game?

In this episode, Josh talks with the Huntavore Podcast host Nick Otto. The Huntavore podcast is all about celebrating the hunting and fishing lifestyle, and sharing a passion for natural, wholesome meals and dishes created from wild game. Josh and Nick discuss handling meat after the kill, the best way to age meat if you don’t have a walk in cooler, storing meat longterm, and a few of Nick’s favorite cuts and recipes. Nick is a wealth of knowledge, so grab a pen and a piece of paper, your going to want to take a few notes from this one!

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