Venison Eye Round and Stocktails

Show Notes

On this Episode of Huntavore it's just you and Nick kicking off 2023.  He goes into detail about a specific hind quarter cut, the eye round.  What are its characteristics, how tender is it, how it reacts to cooking, and chats about 2 successful dishes with this cut. Hope you're in the mood for asian.  Secondly, he touches on how small game is going to be a priority here while there is not ice yet, and elaborates about a “Stocktail” that can add a savory twist to your cocktail hour.  Get your appetite ready for this episode of Huntavore.

This episode is Nick breaking down the eye round cut from a hind leg.  The eye round is a wonderful cut to use when used correctly.  Long muscle grain, and very lean, the eye round is best treated as a whole cut or in the case of his two dishes, best sliced, marinaded, then seared.  On a scale of tenderness, Nick gives it a 3 out of 4 for being quite tender.  For cooking variability he gives it 2 out of 4, high quick heat is what we are going for.  Eye round serves as an almost perfect cut for a couple asian dishes.  A ramen bowl, that also uses your stock to create a broth, and a mongolian venison stir fry that was an absolute grand slam with Nick’s kids.  Here is the blog recipe for the Venison Ramen:

Nick is also attempting to bring “stocktails” back into the cocktail hour.  In the 60’s along with the Bloody Mary, two drinks were made with their base being broth or stock.  The Bull Shot and Bloody Bull were stock and vodka, seasoned with salt and pepper, celery salt, and tabasco.  Nick made the switch to venison stock and adobo sauce and gave it the new name the “Buck Shot”.  For a play on tracking your deer, the “Blood Trail” is the Buck shot, served with frozen tomato juice or Bloody Mary Mix.  as the cubes melt, they release their flavor and spice, and as they melt further, the flavor gets stronger.  And just like trailing your hit buck, it finishes with a lot of excitement.  Look for both the Stir Fry and Stocktail recipes to be posted soon at the Sportsmen’s Empire Blog.

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