What did you Learn Part 1

Show Notes

As more and more seasons are coming to an end, it's time to reflect back so that we can push forward. Charles Admire joins John on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast this week to look back on their seasons and learn from the situations they found themselves in this year. The guys cover several different topics from private and public land deer hunting to waterfowl. John kicks things off with an important lesson he learned about edge habitat on his quick trip to Nebraska back in September, and Charles reflects on some time he spent on public land in northern Oklahoma. 

The guys talked about how far is too far when doing a hang and hunt, and how far is not far enough. They discuss treestand height and shot angles, hunting out of enclosed blinds, and even some waterfowl talk about whether being hidden or having lots of decoys is more important. No matter what you chase, it's important to look back on the experiences you had and learn from them for the future. Whether big bucks are your thing, or chasing coyotes out on the prairie, there is always more to learn!

Show Transcript