Wildgame Cold Cuts

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick climbs out of a winter funk. Living absent of sunlight for what seems like forever, running from practices to games, having little time to cook meals. Family living off fast food for a week did not sit well. Time to shake things up and get wildgame back into his everyday diet. Creating sliceable roasts for the purpose of making sandwiches brought back excitement. Let's take control of our deli choices, on this episode of Huntavore.

Nick discusses his busy schedule, the joy of being outdoors, the challenges of eating out, and the importance of homemade meals. He also announces the launch of his YouTube channel and shares his excitement for making sandwiches using homemade sourdough bread and various meats, including venison. He highlights the cost savings and quality control of making cold cuts at home. He covers various methods of preparing and cooking venison, turkey, and ham for use in sandwiches. The host discusses dry brining and seasoning the meat, cooking it in the oven or smoker, and the importance of controlling temperature. He also explains the process of curing ham and using cure for cold cuts. The conversation concludes with tips on slicing the meat thinly for sandwiches and making pinwheels and roll-ups as alternative sandwiches. Why does lunch have to be boring?

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