Wisconsin Walleye Tactics with Bryce Becker

Show Notes

Although the calendar may not reflect Spring being close, the forecast certainly does and for many anglers that means one thing:  Walleyes! This week, Pierce sits down with Southeastern Wisconsin native, and avid walleye angler, Bryce Becker to talk about everything you need to know to target these famously finicky fish!

Bryce grew up in Waukesha County and has been targeting walleye with his grandfather for about as long as he can remember. Throughout that time, he honed and perfected his tactics to consistently catch these low-light "gravel snakes" everywhere from his local rivers in the southern part of the state, clear on up to the famous lakes of the Northwoods. In this episode, Bryce breaks down how walleyes see, when they are most active, what they feed on, the best habitat and conditions for targeting these fish, and so much more! Whether you're a lifelong walleye angler like Bryce or a total walleye novice like Pierce, you're going to learn something in this episode to help get you on fish this spring!

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