Outdoor Cooking Season is Here!

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick discusses his love for outdoor cooking and the simplicity and joy it brings. He shares his experience of cooking a birthday meal on his charcoal grill, emphasizing the pleasure of cooking over live flame and the control it offers. He also talks about the wear and tear that outdoor cooking equipment experiences and the importance of replacing consumable parts. Nick provides tips for cleaning and maintaining grills and griddles, highlighting the need for regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. So light the charcoal and click those tongs, it's time for a grill side episode of Huntavore.


  • Outdoor cooking over live flame brings a sense of simplicity and joy.
  • Regular maintenance and replacement of consumable parts are necessary for optimal
  • performance of outdoor cooking equipment.
  • Cleaning and seasoning grills and griddles is essential to remove rust and maintain a non-stick
  • surface.
  • Cooking outside allows for a more hands-on and sensory experience, enhancing the enjoyment
  • of the cooking process.

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