Rick Casey, CHARD Products

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick digitally sits down with Rick Casey, CEO of CHARD Products. Rick has a passion for wildgame, growing up in the U.P. of Michigan, Rick has fond memories of bringing in deer to the family garage and working together to create the amazing dishes of his yesteryears, like his grandma’s potato sausage. Rick also goes into how hunting and venison has impacted the design of his products, helping them be more effective for the hunter’s kitchen. If meat means more to you than just a fuel source, then this is your episode. Settle on in for a nostalgia filled episode of Huntavore.

Rick Casey is a problem solver. He sees products and notices changes that can be made to make them better. He has turned this trait into successful businesses. So when Rick had the chance to improve meat processing equipment, he fell back on his upbringing. Holidays in the U.P. , cutting venison with his family. What worked? What did he wish was changed back then? How could I improve the process of bringing wild game to my family’s table? Through this Rick has improved many of his CHARD Products.


In our chat, Rick was so open about how much food means to him. Taking the time to not only sell a product hunters could use and be content with mediocre, Rick had to tinker and think about how he used poorly designed products before, and fix those quirks. Even if it was widen the legs to make it more stable, or using steel gears instead of plastic for a more robust build. These are changes that can help hunters step up their processing game. Ricks idea of making processing and cooking your wildgame is what he called closing the circle. So much effort is given preparing, executing, and finishing the hunt. Why stop there?

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