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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by the Editor in Chief of Harvesting Nature, Justin Townsend. Justin lived down in the keys and had his fair share of cooking and eating saltwater fish. Now he resides in Colorado and has to tune his craft to fresh water. Nick asks about fishcakes, fish dips, and is there anything we can do with freshwater roe? To finish out, Nick and Justin brainstorm a smoked salmon “Dockside” pie. Get ready for some fish talk on this episode of Huntavore.

Justin Townsend recently moved to his new home in Colorado. While not bringing a large amount of game meat in this year, he has been exploring and putting the pieces of the puzzle together on his new hunting territories. Coming from the Keys, Justin has a huge knowledge base when it comes to fish. Nick struck gold on the ice and was able to haul in a 26.5” northern pike. With all the excitement, Nick wanted to pick Justin’s brain on some possibilities for the fish. The guys touch on the idea of fish cakes. It’s not a fancy nor even exciting dish, but could offer a good way to use a filet that got a bit mangled due to novice pike butchery. Blitz the pike, egg as binder, mixed in with bread crumb and whatever herb and spice, popped into the oven, air fryer, or oil will make what was dodgy into delicious. The next topic was freshwater roe. Opening up the belly of my pike, I saw a large amount of roe. Knowing the energy that goes into producing eggs from poultry, it only seemed fitting to try and use the effort this fish put into making eggs into something delicious. Justin does warn about some of the dangers from parasites in freshwater fish, but also gives a great article about curing roe:

To round out the episode, Nick has an idea for a smoked salmon shepherd’s pie. However shepherd didn't seem right so it has been re-named dockside pie. Nick found some salmon filets in his freezer that needed to get used. Smoked salmon in itself is amazing, but making the meat candy into a dish sounds terrific. Keeping the filling simple, chopped onion, spinach, and salmon. Binding it all with a mild cheese sauce, and topping it with savory sweet potatoes makes a great wintertime belly filling meal.

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